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What to Replace When You Buy a Used RV

When you buy a used RV, you will undoubtedly want to make the interiors as cool and comfy as possible. With an RV, you will like to have the inside looking just as good as the scenes outside. You will most likely need to do a little remodeling to make your RV look pristine and amazing. The following are some things that you should consider replacing.

Get rid of your old carpet

The carpet of an RV, just like in the home, has a major impact on the overall interior appearance. It is better to replace the worn-out carpet with a new one, and make the floor look fresh and inviting. It’s a small but major way to renovate your RV.

Reupholster fabric

RV furniture gets a lot wear and tear over the years. It’s a good idea to replace fabric and consider adding new foam to make the cushions more comfortable. Plus you will be able to choose more contemporary fabrics that will get your RV a more clean and modern look.

Get rid of your dinette table

A dinette table is a common feature added to RV to provide extra sitting. It usually provides extra storage and stays bolted to the floor when you drive down the highway. However, when you are dinette looks old and haggard, it is time to get it replaced with real chairs and table. You can make the RV look just like your home, and give it the feel of your dining room. You be sure to secure the table and chairs with bungee cords when you are traveling.

Reorganize your old pantry

When it comes to your RV, your pantry is probably the most ignored and overused fixture. You shove back a lot of things into it and over time they gather dust. Think about adding more shelves, hooks, storage boxes, or even a few lazy susans to maximize storage and make better use of your space. You can use this tips throughout your RV to make your trips more enjoyable and easy to navigate so you can spend less time looking for things and more time enjoying your trip.

Repaint the old exterior

A new paint job can be enough to make your RV look all-new, and also keep it protected from moisture. If you are buying an old trailer, repainting is a must. If you have got a larger RV, it is best to hire a professional to take care of the task.

Replace the old plumbing structure

It is a good idea thoroughly clean your existing RV plumbing structure and replace any damaged or worn down parts. This is not just important from the cosmetic point of view. It is necessary to update the plumbing structure in order to avoid a disaster. You should call up a professional if you are not too familiar with the tools and fittings of RV plumbing.