top rv blogs 2016

Top RV Blog 2016

RVing can be a fun hobby, full time lifestyle or just a dream for the future. The industry continues to grow and spark interest with new people each year. Getting started with a new RV or just trying to find information on what it is like to live the full time lifestyle can seem intimidating. The internet is full of RV resources; some good, some not so good. That’s why we have scoured the far reaches of the web and compiled our list of the Top RV Blogs 2016.

So here is our list of the Top RV Blogs 2016:

Top RV Blogs 2016

Gone With the Wynns (As pictured above):

The Wynns are kind of like a big deal in the RV blogging world. They are a young couple who ditched the professional work force as many only wish they could. They provide great info for both young and old RV dreamers to consider before making the leap as well as invaluable resources for those already full timing.


A Life Made Simple:

This blog follows the full time RV lifestyle of a younger couple from Canada who journey throughout North America with their daughter and dog. All on around $20,000/year!

Chappy Trails:

Chappy Trails is a product of the lovely couple Jim and Bobble Chapman. They share pictures and stories of their travel through the United States. Along the way they share great insights on how to save money and avoid costly repairs.

Cheap RV Living:

Bob Wells hits a homerun for all the pennysavers out there trying to make a tight budget stretch to a full time RV lifestyle demand. He gives great tips on how and when to save money from the initial buying of an RV all the way to maintaining its value for resale. In between he shows different options such as Workamping to avoid lots fees in return for a few hours of work a day.

Keep an eye out for updates as we will be adding new blogs to our list weekly!

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