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Tips for Setting Up Your RV at a Camp Ground

Are you new to driving a RV? Then the chances are that you are very new to pulling into a camp ground. You are probably not be sure how to set up things in your RV when you arrive. Though you can always have a list of things to do, it helps learn how to properly set up everything beforehandHere are a few tips to help you make your first time setting up your RV at a camp ground go smoothly:

Initial Setup

You will want to make sure that the electricity is working. You can find that out by turning the fridge on. Then you can hook up the water regulator and get it connected to the water supply. When attaching the sewer hose to the drain outlet, make sure to wear gloves. The locking tabs need to be secured by turning it.

When you have the sewer support system, you will want to set it immediately. The supply of LPG at the valve of the tank can be turned on. Heaters can be used in electric mode as it enables you to save LPG. When the camp ground has cable TV, then you can hook it up, pull out some chairs, get a RV mat, fire up the BBQ, and have fun.

Dumping dirty water in an RV camp ground

When you want to stay at the camp ground for few days, then you will want to ensure that you keep the water tank valve open slightly. It allows the water to drain directly to the sewer. That does not let the dirty water to stagnate outside and cause problems. However, when you are only staying there for the night, then it is fine to leave it closed.

To flush the dirty water tank, you will want to know how much water is required and you will not want to leave the valve closed entirely. Then you should drain the water tank and let it refill. Be sure to close the water valve when you are completed to prevent any leaks. Once you are done, flush the sewer hose of the dirty water which is left after dumping the water tank. Always make sure that you treat your water tank after every dump.

As you can see, there are so many things you should know about when camping on a RV. It is alright to make mistakes for a first timer. You will get faster when you can do it couple of times. RV people are generally friendly type and can be trusted with help. If you are facing problems, then instead of getting frustrated, call out to your neighbor for help and get it fixed immediately.