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Reasons to Switch to a Composting Toilet in Your RV

For some RV owners, the mere idea of setting up a composting toilet can seem weird as well as difficult. However, even the most hesitant RVers will find this to be a great alternative. It is easy to use and very efficient. It can also keep the environment clean and not smell like traditional rv toilets. Here are some great reasons to switch to a composting toilet in your RV: 

Save water

When you are camping in the wild and have limited water resources, a composting toilet can be the best option. You will not need fresh water to flush. According to the American Water Works Association Research Foundation, more than 30% of household water is used for flushing the toilets.

It smells less than conventional toilets

A composting toilet can smell less than standard toilets, and the smell can be more bearable while you are on the move. Once the liquids and solid wastes separate, they do not emit the smell of standard sewage which can linger for a long time. Coconut COIR or peat moss in the solids tank can make the waste smell similar to dirt. A fan within the tank can make the air flow outside, and the moisture can be kept down in the tank.

It eliminates the need for emptying tanks

Simply the thought of not having to empty the tanks and manually take out the wastes can be incentive enough for any RV owner to install a composting tank. You will not have to worry anymore about waste piling up in your tank and filling it up beyond capacity.

It yields excellent manure

The waste matters from animals, such as feces, have long been used as manures for plants in gardens. There is enough nitrogen in ammonia in wastes which can be used for fiber, fuel, food and landscapes. You can rest assured that you are doing your bit as an environment conscious citizen.

It is easy to set up

Last but not the least – a composting toilet can be very easy to set up. You can do the installation entirely on your own steam, and not need a professional installer. As there is only one small fan and a single vent that will run outside, there is not a lot for you to install. You can handle the work without much effort on your part.