Xantrex Freedom SW2024 Inverter/Charger – 2000W – 24V (815-2024) (43736)

Xantrex Freedon SW2024 Inverter/Charger

24V, 2000W – 120 Vac / 60 Hz

Powerful. Configurable. Flexible…

The NEW GENERATION Freedom SW series represents highly subtle and advanced inverter/ chargers to be had in 3000 W with 150 A charger and 2000 W with 100 A charger models.

Product Description
The second generation 2000 watt model has been utterly redesigned to incorporate among the same nice options found in its top power counterpart.A key feature enhancement is ‘Generator Beef up Mode’ which enables the Freedom SW to supplement a generator when AC so much exceed the generator’s capacity. The brand new generation models also feature improved AC transfer/AC input detection time, providing the facility to transfer AC so much to batteries in not up to 10 milliseconds when the incoming grid or generator power is lost. Hooked up so much are almost unable to feel the facility transition as a result of this fast transfer time. Both models are approved to UL458 with marine supplement, CSA, ABYC and FCC, Class B necessities.


Parallel stacking enables the Freedom SW inverter/chargers to double the AC output in inverter mode. Series stacking enables the Freedom SW inverter/chargers to generate 120/240 V split segment output2

2 AC supply will have to be split segment, requires Stacking Cable (phase# 808-9005)

Designed for a lot of mobile applications such as commercial, emergency and recreational vehicles, marine vessels, construction and armed forces equipment.

Product Features

  • Pure sine wave output to perform sensitive electronics
  • Advanced configuration choices for custom designed applications
  • Parallel and series stacking capability
  • Built-in transfer switch robotically transfers between inverter power and incoming AC power
  • Power issue corrected,


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