Wireless iPhone Rear View Camera System

Our System Enables RVers With Travel Trailers to:
See what’s behind your travel trailer while driving and backing.
Easy plug & play, do-it-yourself installation.

Components of our camera system package are one (1) Sharx hi-resolution (1280×720), weatherproof IR IP camera, one (1) interior and one (1) exterior camera mount, one (1) NETGEAR 300 Mbsp N-router, and two (2) 12v DC power cords. The system works by configuring Top of the range components to offer wireless Are living streaming video for your iPhone or Android phone from the rear-mounted camera. Are living video of the street and traffic in the back of is transmitted to the landlord’s phone throughout the tow vehicle. A snappy-unlock phone mount can be used to safely hold the telephone whilst in use. A Top of the range camera mount is equipped in order that the camera could also be mounted either at the trailer exterior for IR night vision or throughout the rear window. Your phone displays the similar reverse image as would a vehicle’s rear view mirror. Your phone remains to be operational for calls and text messaging whilst in use. Top of the range streaming distances between the camera and get in touch with are between 75 and 150 feet;. Since the system is a LAN (local area network), no wi-fi or data charges will ever be assessed nor do you wish to have web or Bluetooth get admission to. Our system is a straightforward d-i-y installation and detailed installation instructions are provided. Online lend a hand is equipped if/when wanted.
Our System Enables RVers With Commute Trailers to:
See what’s in the back of your Commute trailer whilst driving and backing.
Simple plug & play, do-it-yourself installation.
Use your iPhone or Android phone as a rear view mirror.
Continue to receive calls and text messages whilst in camera mode.
















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