Whynter RPD-501WP Energy Star Portable Dehumidifier with Pump, 50-Pint

50 pint (24 liter) capacity dehumidifier, 14 pint (7 liter) removable water bucket
Please refer below User Manual and Trouble shooting steps under product details.
Auto-restart and Auto-shutoff functions

The Whynter Energy Star RPD-501WP portable dehumidifier is a high capacity unit with a superior capability of casting off as much as 50 pints of moisture from the air per day. With its water pump drainage option, large internal reservoir and environmentally friendly design, this unit creates an overly efficient and robust companion to any home or administrative center coping with high levels of humidity. This unit may also be ceaselessly operated with 3 drainage options; manual drain, gravity drain and condensate pump drain. The condensate pump can pump out condensation water throughout the included 16.5′ drain for continuous water removal with approximately 15′ of vertical lift. This Energy Star RPD-501WP portable dehumidifier features a 14-pint bucket that may be got rid of and emptied. For low-temperature area usage, this unit has an auto defrost serve as to make sure moisture does now not freeze and save you further moisture extraction. Energy Star Qualified – the RPD-501WP provides cost-effective and effort-efficient operation, with out sacrificing design and function. Built for prime capacity usage, this unit is fitted to enclosed areas as large 3000 sq. ft. Additional Features: Low temperature operation (minimum ambient temperature 40 Degrees); Auto-defrosting capability to forestall frost build-up in unit; Electronic controls with humidity sensor settings; Direct drain option for continuous operation; Condensate pump that pushes over an extended distance; Dual fan speeds and 24 timer serve as; 2 in 1 silver-coated washable pre-clear out combo; Handles and caster wheels for portability; Non ozone-depleting refrigerant: R410a; 16.5′ drain hose for condensate pump drain; 20″ drain hose for gravity drainage; Air Go with the flow (at high speed): 320 m3/h / 188 CFM; Power Supply: 115 V /60 Hz; Dimensions: 15.8″ W x 11.3″ D x 23.6″ H; UL listed; Energy Star rated.
50 pint (24 liter) capacity dehumidifier, 14 pint (7 liter) removable water bucket
Please refer beneath User Manual and Bother shooting steps beneath product main points.
Auto-restart and Auto-shutoff functions
Adjustable humidity range of 35 – 85% relative humidity
Runs quiet with normal operating noise level beneath 58.5 dBA


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