WFCO (PDSI-130-1240E) Artis Series 3.0 GPM 40 PSI Water Pump

The Artis delivers steady and reliable water pressure for all of the RV. Delivering steady glide as much as 3.0 GPM, providing you with just right working pressure at the side of nice reliability. Some of the security features are thermal and over pressure protection, in addition to the pumps capability to run dry and not using a damage. The Artis has been tested and approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to satisfy both the USA and Canadian standards. ARTIS has engineered patented four-chamber design, which improves potency whilst keeping up stable water glide. The ARTIS self-priming feature lets in a suction elevate as much as 6 feet. It’s been designed for simple installation and hassle-free operation. Along with the pump it self, ARTIS strainers are built to stay your tank secure from harmful debris. An integral o-ring creates a good seal, getting rid of imaginable leaks. The Artis is a quiet UL-Listed RV potable water pump with patented diaphragm design. 12 Volt DC Service Setup: – Self-priming to six-feet suction – Pump in a position to run dry with out damage


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