Webasto heater controller rheostat 12v or 24v | 83052B | 1322581A | 5010068A | 82819B

Comfortable room temperature controller
Popular and easy to use control
Suitable for both 12v & 24v Webasto heaters

Webasto Temperature Controller Rheostat Relaxed room temperature keep an eye on
Appropriate for 12v & 24v Warmers In-built operation LED & diagnostic fault code indicator {Compatible|Appropriate} with the next Webasto Air Warmers
Webasto Air best 2000S
Webasto Air best 2000ST
Webasto Air best 2000STC
Webasto Air best 3500
Webasto Air best 5000
Webasto Air best EVO 3900
Webasto Air best EVO 5500
Webasto Airtop EVO 40
Webasto Airtop EVO 55

Bezel diameter 50mm
Transfer dimensions – at the back of sprint clearance 35mm intensity x 58mm x 48mm

Replaces 83052B Rheostat
Relaxed room temperature controller
Fashionable and simple to make use of keep an eye on
Appropriate for each 12v & 24v Webasto Warmers
Built-in fault diagnostic LED
Authentic Webasto assured section