Venezuelan Curagua Hammock

Absolutely authentic traditional craft
takes up to six months to weave
Stunningly intricate

The Venezuelan Curagua is a supreme example of traditional handicraft. Each and every hammock is woven within the Aguasay district from fibers laboriously twisted from the dry branches of the curagua, washed with blue soap, and left to dry within the Sun for at some point. Then the fibers are joined and elaborated by a strategy of bunching or rolling, and in any case, are spun into thread. This process by myself, for one hammock takes weeks. Once the spinning is complete the weaving can take as much as 10 hours an afternoon for months to supply a hammock as subtle as a spiders internet and as recent smelling as new mown hay. Yet for all that this hammock is robust, in addition to at ease and wonderful. The Curagua Hammock is approximately 13 feet in total duration with an approximate width of six to seven feet. It is extremely at ease for a big grownup and even two if they’re getting along nicely. It is extremely robust, however has no longer been rated for weight capability. This majestic hammock was once awarded the “Seal of Excellence for Handicrafts” by UNESCO in 2011 that’s a recognition of its quality and authenticity, in addition to its environmental responsibility.
Completely unique traditional craft
takes as much as six months to weave
Stunningly intricate


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