US Gear TVH-1000K Hydro Boost Towed Vehicle Kit

Unified Tow Brake also saves you time and hassle. Components to your towed vehicle are out-of-sight in your convenience. This removes you having to kneel at the ground to put in or dispose of a box each and every time you need to tug or drive your towed vehicle! Sooner or later, if you buy a different vehicle to tow, Unified Tow Brake is definitely transferred between vehicles. Get monetary savings now, and save time and aggravation for years down the street, when you select Unified Tow Brake. Includes the components neccessay for installation in a Hydraulic Assisted system where the motor house is already pre-stressed out. For vehicles the usage of Hydra Spice up braking, the ability lend a hand isn’t attained from a vacuum booster but, is attained from a hydraulic pump that either runs off of the battery or in some cases the similar pump that runs the ability steering. Normally, the battery drives the pump and provides power lend a hand braking without the vehicle’s engine running. For the reason that vacuum pump and the wiring harness are two of the costliest components within the Kit and we found many stores who were doing Hydra Spice up vehicles were just setting the vacuum pump aside we provide this kit for less money that doesn’t include the vacuum pump or the motor home wiring harness.


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