Trimax MAG10SC 10ft Combination Cable Lock

Large 8mm braided TRIMAFLEX cable
Includes protective head cover
Easy to read numbers

Trimax MAG10SC The MAG10SC is a multi-use resettable aggregate cable lock that includes an exclusive TRIMAFLEX ultra Tricky braided cable (10 feet long x 8mm diameter) and a mix lock head. The MAG10SC is perfect for securing bikes, motorcycle carriers, watercraft at the beach, trailers and far, a lot more. Resettavke aggregate lock. Sturdy non-corrosive lock mechanism. Solid steel lock tip. TRIMAX makes the sector’s toughest locks. Via price added engineering design, TRIMAX is committed to product innovation that holds as much as the very best quality standards. TRIMAX supplies most security for marine, trailer and tow, RV, efficiency truck, power sports and bicycle applications. Tested. Tricky. TRIMAX. TRIMAX provides an entire life guaranty on all in their merchandise.
Massive 8mm braided TRIMAFLEX cable
Contains protecting head quilt
Simple to read numbers
Sturdy non-corrosive lock mechanism
No key to lose or fail to remember


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