The Original Monkey Cord – 10ft Cord De-Tangler

1- 10 FOOT MONKEY CORD will work with any of your round electrical cords no matter the length of cord.
The Only Product That Keeps Your Electrical Cords Neat and Untangled

Tame the Jungle of tangled cords with the Original Monkey Cord. These cords are available quite a few colors and are an excellent approach to the frustrating interference of tangled cords on your busy shop.

Merely wrap your spherical Electric cords with the Original Monkey Cord to stop twisting and tangling, liberating you to do what you do highest!
Please note: this product does no longer work properly on flat cords. There are an identical
merchandise available on the market, however the Original Monkey cord is ready apart as it grips the electrical cord
and does no longer slip up and down or permit the electrical cord to rotate throughout the Monkey Cord.

The Original Monkey Cord is a wonderful approach to save you frisky pets from chewing on wires and can be used as a spacer or a buffer.
This has been a well-liked item with many barbers, stylists, groomers and someone that works with corded tools.
1- 10 FOOT MONKEY CORD will work with any of your spherical Electric cords regardless of the duration of cord.
The Best Product That Assists in keeping Your Electric Cords Neat and Untangled