The Long, Long Trailer

But even so making tv history because the producers and stars of tv’s immensely well-liked I Love Lucy and The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour, Lucille Ball and her husband, Desi Arnaz, starred in three reasonably agreeable function motion pictures. The second one of those, 1954’s The Long, Long Trailer, in beautiful Technicolor and directed by means of Vincente Minnelli, is a relatively allegorical tale of a newly married couple who spend money on a forty-foot trailer as their first home–and straight away be apologetic about it. Neatly, no less than Arnaz’s character does; he is the person who has anxiety attacks over operating electrical brakes even as steerage up and down one-lane, mountain roads. Sight gags are plentiful: a scene by which Ball tries to make beef stew, a Caesar salad, and cake in a wobbling, moving trailer is classic Lucy. However there are a few authentic dramatic sequences on this handsome movie, too, and the celebs upward thrust to the occasion. –Tom Keogh