The Essential Camper’s Sheet – Dinette (White)

Snug Fitted Sheet Style with Easy Removal
Protects All Upholstered Sleeping Surfaces in your RV and Camper
Fits Across Various Mattress Applications Creating Simplicity

The Crucial Camper’s SheetTM by Mattress Protected® combines the safety of a mattress protector with the relief of a fitted sheet into one convenient product!

Uniquely designed to give protection to all upholstered sleeping surfaces on your RV and camper from fluids and stains, The Crucial Camper’s SheetTM creates simplicity on your life because it fits non-usual sized sleeping spaces. This mattress duvet is made from a soft, Sumptuous and breathable Cloth that gives both comfort and protection from bacteria and allergens for without equal camping enjoy.

The Crucial Camper’s SheetTM Dinette/Jack Knife Settee has been sparsely designed to suit the 39″ x 67″ Dinette sleeping house in an RV or camper. Fits as much as five” mattress depth. Made in USA.
Comfortable Fitted Sheet Taste with Simple Removal
Protects All Upholstered Sleeping Surfaces on your RV and Camper
Fits Across More than a few Mattress Applications Creating Simplicity
Soft Sumptuous Cloth, Water-proof, Breathable and Non-Allergenic – Impermeable to Mud Mites, Mildew and Bacteria
Size: Dinette / Jack Knife Settee (39″ x 67″)