T.W . Evans Cordage 24-005 5/8-Inch by 600-Feet Grade Number-1 Manila Rope

Great for decorative and landscaping projects
Only high quality fibers are used
Contains oil in the manufacturing process

Our Grade #1 Manila Rope is the best quality manila rope you’ll to find in america. Manila rope is superb common goal rope. This is a natural fiber and it used extensively as a landscaping and ornamental rope. Our manila is made to Executive Specification for power and the standard of our manila rope is perfect within the trade. There may be less bark and debris in our rope because of this the rope is smoother and your will get less splinters. Grade #1 is counsel where the rope will likely be handled repeated to scale back the opportunity of splinters.
Nice for ornamental and landscaping projects
Simplest top quality fibers are used
Comprises oil within the manufacturing procedure
Draw from middle box
Operating Load 792 lbs