SolarPod Standalone Solar PV Power System – Off-Grid, Model# 1003

Completely modular off-grid solar PV system quickly and easily integrates into your existing electrical system with a 120V electrical connection
Can be expanded with your growing energy needs
Tilt of each SolarPod can be quickly adjusted to the ideal angle to maximize sun exposure in any season

The SolarPod Standalone Solar PV Energy System is a whole off-grid solar PV Energy system with easy plug-and-play assembly. Supplies continuous Energy almost about anyplace. U.S.A. UL Indexed: Yes, Subject material Sort: Silicon, Speed (MPH): 110, Run Time (hrs.): Continuous, Solar Panels Included (qty.): 4, Solar Energy Compatible: Yes, Permits Backfeeding of Energy: No, Dimensions L x W x H (in.): 13 1/2ft. x 5ft. x 5ft., Mounting Sort: SolarPod , Wind Load Rating: Yes, Mounting Hardware Perspective Adjustable: Yes, Mounting Hardware Included: Yes, Batteries (qty.): 2, Inverter Sine Wave: Changed Sine Wave, Weather Resistant: Yes, Battery Sort: Sealed Deep Cycle AGM, Solar Panel Wattage: ≥240, Skilled Installation Required: Yes, Works With Gas Generator: No, Rated Watts (kW): ≥zero.96, Snow Load Rating: 45 lbs. per sq. ft., Assembly Required: Yes, Battery Included: Yes, Hardwired: No, Mount Solar Tracking: Manual tracking, Panel Sort: Crystalline, Battery Enclosure: Yes, Panel Thickness (in.): 1 half
Totally modular off-grid solar PV system temporarily and simply integrates into your existing electric system with a 120V electric connection
Can also be expanded along with your growing power wishes
Tilt of each and every SolarPod Can also be temporarily adjusted to definitely the right Perspective to maximise sun exposure in any season
Simple snow elimination
Contains 4 230 Watt solar panels, two price controllers, one inverter, one battery box, two 12V deep cycle 100Ah sealed marin


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