Solar Electric Generator 120 Watt, 778RSEG120-12-100

The RACO Sun Electrical Generator Gadget is composed of a 120 Watt Sun panel and a 12vdc, 100Amp hr battery packaged in a climate resistant enclosure in conjunction with all required mounting hardware. This type is designed for 2.0 minimal height solar hours. The Gadget may also be paired with a RACO Cellularm Gadget which is composed of both a CDMA or GSM Virtual cellphone transceiver packaged at the side of any one in every of RACO’s circle of relatives of alarm autodialers in a compact, climate resistant housing that may be simple to move and arrange. The autodialers to be had to be used in a Cellularm unit come with RACO Verbatim, Verbatim Gateway, Protect-It, Chatterbox, and Catalyst models. The Cellularm Gadget and autodialers are priced one at a time, relying upon the telephone and autodialer most popular.


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