SMA Sunny Boy 6000 US Inverter with Integrated DC Disconnect

Sunny Boy 5000US/6000US/7000USThe Sunny Boy 5000US, 6000US and 7000US represent SMA larger units within the new US series of Sunny Boy string inverters.They’re extraordinarily tough inverters similarly fitted to massive residential or commercial applications.Totally up to date with SMA such a lot advanced technology, they were designed particularly to fulfill the brand new IEEE 1547 necessities.The bigger inverters of the brand new US series include an integrated AC and DC disconnect switch making installation much more cost-effective.They are able to also be configured for sure ground systems within the field making them more flexible than ever.Increased potency way better overall performance and shorter payback periods.The Sunny Boy 6000US and 7000US fit to be used with the Sunny Tower 36 kW and 42 kW systems.Every comes with a typical ten year guaranty and are engineered and built to supply years of hassle-free service.


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