ShelterLogic 95943 Peak Style Shelter Shed

Steel Powder Coated Gray 2-3/8″ Frame
Structure Designed For snow and wind Strength
Triple-layer UV Nonrip Fitted cover

Colour:Grey 15′ W x sixteen’ H x forty four’ L Peak Taste Shelter In search of an effective way to retailer your trucks, automobiles, SUVs, trailers and different bulk pieces? Do this shelter series to offer protection to your investments against the weather. Frame: All-steel DuPont thermoset baked on powder-Lined end resists rust and corrosion ShelterLock Stabilizer Block at each and every rib connection adds rock-Forged strength and stability to border Bolt-in combination hardware at each and every connection point ensures most strength and sturdiness Ratchet Tite Tension System and Simple-Flow Sliding Cross Rails stay the duvet smooth and taught Universal steel foot plates for simple and Forged connection to ground anchors, cement or pony walls