RV Trailer 9800 Series 75Amp Deckmount Converter – Wf-9875 Power Converter

Product Description: Power Converter; 9800 Series; Converts 105 To 130 Volt AC To 13.2 To 14.4 Volt DC; 1300 Peak Watts; 75 Amp DC Output; Coverage From Short Circuit/ Reverse Polarity/ Over Current/ Over Temperature/ Over Voltage; 10.3 Inch Width x 6.3 Inch Depth x 3.9 Inch Height; Deckmount; With Battery Charger

The WF-9800 Series converter or chargers are flexible, complex power supply solutions. The model supplies 75 Amp of unpolluted, reliable DC power, which is perfect for powering electronics and appliances. The 9800 Series supplies Blank power, even with out filtering from a battery. Quiet operation is Confident because the cooling fan runs Most effective when Wanted. Every other benefit is FCC Elegance B compliance for the model, this means that that the converter is designed to not Lead to interference with televisions, radios or Different signals. Automatic three-stage battery charging maintains your battery’s life with three nominal voltage output modes: 13.2 Volt DC “glide” mode, 13.6 Volt DC “absorption” mode, and a 14.4 Volt DC “bulk” charge mode. Electronic current Restricting Routinely shuts down the ability throughout overload or short-circuit stipulations.; Ampere Rating: 75 Amps; Converts: 105 To 130 Volts AC To 13.2 To 14.4 Volts DC; Height (IN): 3.9 Inch; Duration (IN): 7-half of Inch; Peak Output Power (W): 1300 Watts; Weight: 6.7500; Width (IN): 5.7 Inch; With Battery Cables: No; With Built-In Charger: No; With Fuse: No; With Reverse Battery Coverage: Yes; With Short Circuit: Yes; With Thermal Coverage: No; With Volt/Watt Meter: No

Provides 75 Amp Of Blank, Reliable DC Power, Which Is Ideal For Powering Electronics And Appliances
Automatic Three-Stage Battery Charging Maintains Your Battery’s Life
Quiet Operation Is Confident As The Cooling Fan Runs Most effective When Wanted
Designed To Comply With FCC Elegance B, Which Way That The Converters Do Now not Lead to Interference With Televisions, Radios Or Different Signal
Electronic Current Restricting Routinely