RV Mattress 8″ Memory Foam, 49″x74″

RV specific size
Easy to Install
Luxury memory foam conforms to your body

Benefit from the luxury of memory foam on your RV. Conforms on your body, provides a more fit longer nights sleep. The one memory foam designed to offer a cooler sleep surface. The AERO-PEDIC is different than all other memory foam mattresses to be had nowadays. Designed by Foamex, the biggest foam company on the earth, the AERO-PEDIC’s Aerus memory foam has a larger cell structure allowing heat to dissipate. Normal memory foam traps heat out of your body at the same time as you sleep, the AERO-PEDIC’s unique design lets in the warmth to flee quickly keeping the mattress cool all the way through the night. Best Features: Air flows as much as 8 times faster through Aerus than through usual visco. Aerus cools as much as 10 times faster than traditional visco. Aerus provides a greater give a boost to factor (sag) than traditional viscos. Aerus reduces maximum stress on key pressure points by more than half in comparison to innerspring mattress Aerus provides a consistent cell structure with not one of the airflow-impeding films or window panes found in traditional visco. Retains 99% of original height after 25,000 cycles of 80% compression Retains 98% of IFD25 after 25,000 cycles of 80% compression.

Please note this mattress is sent by way of UPS compressed and rolled in a box. We now have developed a patented process (US Patent #6739107) that permits this to be pacakaged without damage. Once got rid of from the box the mattress can’t be compressed again nor placed back in the similar box.
RV specific size
Easy to Install
Luxury memory foam conforms on your body
AERUS memory foam stays cool all night
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