RV Awning Shade Motorhome Awning Screen Kit 8×16 (Brown)

8′ x 16′ Brown Mesh Awning Screen Shade Kit
Heavy Duty Grommets Built in for Superior Durability
Helps to Block the Sun But Not Your View

Shade the vast majority of the realm underneath your awning – the smart & easy method! And, create a fab, at ease and personal patio – with the smallest investment of time, effort and money! Our EZ Awning Sunglasses are so popular because they supply a easy, cost effective strategy to expand your private RV living area. With an Awning Shade in place, your existing patio awning becomes the root for a complete new room. This in an instant and dramatically increases your private living area. Slips quickly and simply into your awning’s utility slot with usual awning light hangers. An Simple, cost effective method so as to add shade and privacy on your patio. Building up your living area with out numerous cost! Features Kit Includes: Awning Shade internet Spiral Hooks to Attach into Ground Bungee Balls to Connect Awning to Spiral Hooks Awning Hooks to Attach Shade into Awning’s Utility Slot Blocks the sun but Now not your view Offers you daytime privacy Adds an “extra” room on your RV Blocks 80% of the sun’s harmful rays Heavy duty grommets In-built for superior durability Made from one hundred% woven polyester with durable vinyl coating. Color: Brown. Size 8 Feet x 16 Feet.
8′ x 16′ Brown Mesh Awning Screen Shade Kit
Heavy Duty Grommets In-built for Superior Durability
Is helping to Block the Sun But Now not Your View
Blocks 80% of the Sun’s Harmful Rays
Is helping so as to add an “Extra” Out of doors Patio Room Area on your RV