RISING 4X80W Mono-crystalline Semi Flexible Solar Panel Module

4X80W Mono-crystalline Semi Versatile Sun Panel Module

4X80W semi-Versatile Sun panel equipment for yacht boat RV, boat able for the usage of. The revolution on generating generation of Sun panel, reduce 70% weight from the usual rigid Sun panel

4X80w semi- Versatile Sun panel with 1m cables! with 4 holes, can set up it very simply !


High Potency, lengthy lifetime (over 20 years) & top reliability;

Water-evidence & Versatile (can also be correctly bended)

Unbreakable (no glass);

Lightweight & skinny(about 2.8+/-zero.3mm),bending as much as 30 levels

Be with anti-reverse charging serve as;

Be with shadow tolerance serve as;

Be with CE certificates

Model NO:SG-SPF80

Peak Energy (Pmax):80W

Production Tolerance:±3%

Maximum Energy Voltage (Vmp):18V

Maximum Energy Present (Imp):four.47A

Open Circuit Voltage (Voc): 21.24V

Short Circuit Present (Isc):four.88A

Maximum Device Voltage:1000VDC

Solar Mobile phone Sort:Mono

Solar Mobile phone Potency:sixteen.8%


Weight:2 kg



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