Reese Custom-Fit Receiver Hitch – For Subaru Legacy and Outback, Model# 44581

Fits 2005-’09 Subaru Legacy sedan
Fits 2005-’07 Subaru Legacy wagon
Fits 2005-’07 Subaru Outback sedan (except Sport)

Now you’ll order a receiver hitch customized-made to your truck, van or SUV from Reese, the number one emblem identify in hitches! 1-computer. welded, simple-to-set up layout. Unique, patented collar and plug. Many programs aren’t any-drill for quick and simple Set up. Protecting Metalshield black end for rust coverage. Lifetime restricted guaranty. U.S.A. Elegance Ranking: III/IV, Drilling Required: No, Set up Time (min.): 30
Suits 2005-’09 Subaru Legacy sedan
Suits 2005-’07 Subaru Legacy wagon
Suits 2005-’07 Subaru Outback sedan (excluding Game)
Suits 2005-’09 Subaru Outback wagon (excluding Game)
Designed for a super customized have compatibility