Quest PowerDry 1300 Dehumidifier

The Quest PowerDry 1300 is the easiest dehumidifier for the grower short of flexibility and convenience. Whether or not you’re a grower searching for slightly extra capacity on the so much essential peaks of the grow cycle, a brief supplemental dryer, or the versatility of a product that may be moved to quite a lot of rooms when wanted, the Quest 1300 is the product for you.

The Quest PowerDry 1300 is constructed of the very best quality parts, and is secure by a heavy duty “ROTO” case. In comparison to different merchandise, made of inexpensive plastic, the Quest 1300 is designed and built to last. Included with each Quest 1300 is a prime capacity pleated filter out. Some of the best filtration of the 1300 is designed to capture mould, spores, pollen, and mud – effectively cleansing the room of dangerous particles. In relation to keeping your plants secure from mould, mould, bacteria, and disease, settle for no substitute.


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