Prest-O-Fit 2-1050 Jumbo Wraparound+Plus 23″ RV Step Rug

Prest – O – Have compatibility Wrap – Around Step Rugs… assists in keeping your RV grime free! Pull this sort of Wrap-Around Rugs on for your RV steps to give protection to the squeaky-blank inside of your “home away from home”! Accents the out of doors of your RV with an ideal-having a look rug, too! Weather-resistant… stay these young children for your rig in rain, snow or sleet with out being worried! Made from a very easy-to-blank out of doors turf with marine backing for reliability over the lengthy haul. Simple to put in… fits such a lot guide and electrical steps. Merely attach included springs to corresponding holes at the different aspect of the Rug. State Colour! Lock out filthy floors! Order this Rug now! Prest-O-Have compatibility Jumbo Wrap-Around Step Plus Rugs, 23″ Wide


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