PowerFilm R-14 14W Rollable Solar Panel Charger

Durable construction with marine-grade components
Weatherproof and performs well in diverse conditions, including, hot, cold and cloudy environments
Rollable, flexible, lightweight, portable and eco-friendly

PowerFilm Rollable Solar Panel Chargers are water-proof, durable, light-weight, and versatile. They’re designed for essentially the most challenging and extreme environments, even low gentle prerequisites and top temperatures, and simply integrated to supply power for quite a few charging applications. Includes an RA-2 (12 volt female CLA) and RA-11 (15’extension cord with O-ring terminal connectors). Preferably suited to water activities, absolutely water-proof, and constructed with marine-grade connectors to supply a transportable solar answer to verify you’ll be able to have the facility you want. Anyplace you go….. stay the Power On with PowerFilm!
Durable construction with marine-grade elements
Weatherproof and performs neatly in diverse prerequisites, together with, hot, cold and cloudy environments
Rollable, versatile, light-weight, moveable and eco-friendly
Grommets for tie-downs, and wrap-around fastener for simple storage
Simple to make use of and includes an RA-2 (12 volt female CLA) & RA-11 (15′ extension cord with O-ring terminal connectors)