Porta Source IG3200W Portable Invertor Generator

Viper 149.5cc 4-cycle OHC engine can be start with pull start, remote, or keyed electric
Run time of 3.8 hours at 100% load
Ac voltage of 60Hz – 120V

The brand new Porta Supply 3200 Watt Inverter Generator includes a 149.5cc 4-cycle overhead cam engine that was once in particular engineered to maximise fuel potency and minimize noise, making it ideal for lots of recreational and household wishes. Along with its powerful power plant, the IG3200W supplies a number of features now not seen on some other model in its class. The Porta Supply IG3200W offers an economy mode, which serves as a load management system, and permits a runtime of as much as 8-1/2 hours on a single fill of gasoline. The Porta Supply IG3200W also offers 100 foot remote get started, in addition to keyed electric get started. Remote get started approach not more going out of doors on cold nights to begin your unit! IG3200W offers you flexibility and permits you to choose between a 30amp twist lock, a 20amp duplex outlet, a 12V cigarette socket, or a 1000mA speedy charging USB port. An hour meter, wheels for simple transport, 12V battery charging cables, and an RV adapter also come same old with the IG3200W.
Viper 149.5cc 4-cycle OHC engine will also be get started with pull get started, remote, or keyed electric
Run time of 3.8 hours at one hundred% load
Ac voltage of 60Hz – 120V
Dc output of 12V/6A
Operating noise level of 60dB at 7 meters


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