Phoenix Restoration Equipment 200 HT LGR Dehumidifier 4029970

The Phoenix 200 HT’s performance in temperatures above 90ºF gives two major benefits over usual LGR’s. First, drying at upper temperatures speeds the evaporation of moisture within the structure when in comparison to cooler temperatures. Second, the Phoenix 200 HT reduces the want to cast off drying equipment to keep watch over temperature throughout the affected space. The downward-targeted exhaust airflow directs dehumidified lowgrain air toward the ground, even as a raised base improves drying in an instant beneath the dehumidifier. Includes a recessed condensate outlet, inboard wheels, increased airflow with upper static pressure, and a far better skid plate design. As at all times, Phoenix dehumidifiers feature important air filtration. The usual 65% MERV-11 filter out eliminates over 90% of 7 micron particles (the scale of a human red blood cell). The more than one ducting choices at the Phoenix 200 HT permit for ducting each the intake air and the filtered, dehumidified outlet air.


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