Phoenix: D385 Desiccant Dehumidifier 4026700 (Discount !)

The D385 delivers 385 CFM of ultra-low grain process air. The actual 4 hole configuration lets in the D385 to be positioned within the affected house with the 75 CFM re-activation air stream isolated from the drying chamber. The D385’s 4 hole design lets in the restoration contractor to set-up for effective sure, neutral or negative pressure operation. Designed to perform vertically or horizontally, the D385 will have compatibility within so much crawlspaces. Simple to move and set-up. The D385 will have compatibility in your truck within the spaces already designed to your LGRs and can move directly to the jobsite with the similar portability. All of the power to the unit is equipped by two 115 volt grounded power cords. Merely plug the cords into separate 15 amp circuits. Each and every twine attracts simplest 11 amps to power the D385. The re-activation air stream is ducted thru 6″ flex duct supplied with the unit and shops conveniently within the most sensible of the unit.


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