Parklane RIQ6079 Quilted Mattress

Quilted Damask Fabric
Firm Innerspring Mattress
Queen Size Mattress

This Quilted Innerspring mattress is without equal aggregate of SuperSoft foam convenience and innerspring firmness. Ideal for guest rooms.

Built across the business best “Bonnell” innerspring unit this quilted innerspring mattress has the cast core had to make the mattress last. The highest convenience layer is stuffed with options together with a thicker foam most sensible, thicker duvet, and a layer of SuperSoft foam.

Please note this mattress is sent by means of UPS compressed and rolled in a box. We now have advanced a patented process (US Patent #6739107) that permits this to be pacakaged with out harm. Once got rid of from the box the mattress cannot be compressed once more nor placed back in the similar box.

**Mattress Handiest**
**Boxspring Now not Included**

Quilted Damask Material
Firm Innerspring Mattress
Queen Measurement Mattress
In stock able to ship
Made in USA


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