Outback Power GFX1424 1400W 120VAC Sine Wave Inverter

The OutBack true sinewave GFX1424 Inverter/Charger is a competitive power answer designed for applications with lower power demands. Incorporating a DC-to-AC sinewave inverter, battery charger and AC transfer relay housed inside a die-solid aluminum chassis, the OutBack GFX1424 inverter/Chargers provide the skill to sell solar, wind or hydro power back to the utility grid at the same time as providing instantaneous back-up power within the event of a utility outage. The OutBack GFX1424 in-built transfer relay routinely disconnects your a lot from the utility grid and powers them from the inverter within the event of an outage, permitting you to continue the usage of your solar and battery back-up power, in contrast to traditional grid-tie systems. For spaces that regularly revel in power instability such as surges, spikes or brownouts, or where same old inverters have bother syncing to the utility grid, the OutBack GFX1424 grid reconnect timers have been shortened to cut back overall sell-back downtime and reinforce system functionality. Outback GFX1424 (sealed) Inverter Specifications: Continuous Output Power: 1400 VA Output Voltage: 120 VAC/60 Hz DC Input Voltage (Nominal): 24 VDC Peak Potency: ninety two% AC Input Current Most: 60 amps AC Continuous DC Rate Charge: 40 amps DC Frequency Vary: fifty four-sixty six Hz DC Input Voltage Vary: 21.zero-34.0 VDC Guaranty: 5 years Weight: 49.6 lbs


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