Nordic Ware Toaster Oven Pizza/Crisping Sheet

Safe for use in toaster ovens
Great to use on camping stoves and RV stoves
Non-stick finish for easy food release and cleanup

This Compact Oven Crisping Sheet has a perforated surface for crisping pizzas, hors d’oeuvres and frozen foods. The perforated surface of the Grill Topper assists in keeping your seafood, vegetables and different small foods from falling thru same old grill grates. Cook your favourite meals on your toaster oven, out of doors gas or electrical grill, camp stove or RV stove with this 6 inch x 8 inch crisping sheet. Microwaves warmth up leftover pizza smartly enough, however they ceaselessly times leave the crusts soggy. The compact crisping sheet is best for the job. Holes within the bottom of the pan permit the crust to get that crispy, delicious texture as though it was once simply baked. Its non stick surface makes blank up a breeze. Proudly made in the united states by Nordic Ware. Outdoor dimensions are 7 inch x 10 inch and exact item measures 6 inch x 8 inch.
Secure to be used in toaster ovens
Nice to make use of on camping stoves and RV stoves
Non-stick end for simple food unencumber and cleanup
Hand wash with gentle detergent
Made in the united states




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