Mylar Bags & Oxygen Absorbers for Dried Food & Long Term Storage by Dry-Packs, 5 Gallon

A perfect combination of mylar bags and matching oxygen absorbers protect against moisture and oxygen damage
Heat and vacuum sealable, can even seal with a hot iron
These mylar bags and oxygen absorbers are perfect for long term food storage

Mylar luggage combined with oxygen absorbers stored in a rigid container have been shown to be the best option to store dehydrated goods for long-term storage. Mylar luggage give protection to your food investment from the consequences of oxygen, moisture contamination and light-weight penetration. They’re superb long-term storage of dehydrated foods and has an fda licensed sealant layer and can also be Warmth sealed with a typical garments iron at the wool surroundings or a hair straightener. Add your dehydrated food to the mylar bag, place suitable choice of oxygen absorber on best and push out as much residual air as imaginable before sealing the bag.
A great combination of mylar luggage and matching oxygen absorbers give protection to against moisture and oxygen harm
Warmth and vacuum sealable, may also seal with a hot iron
These mylar luggage and oxygen absorbers are ideal for long run food storage
These are one of the most trade easiest mylar luggage to be had
These luggage replicate mild, prodvide a moisture and oxygen barrier and They’re puncture and tear resistant


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