Mercedes w163 r170 w202 w208 w210 Water Pump + Gasket

Water Pump for cars WITH oil cooler.
Recently made by GRAF, not been lying around.
NOTE: This Pump has an additional outlet and is only for use on vehicles equipped WITH engine oil cooler mounted next to the oil filter housing.

This phase suits:
Chassis: Engine: (have compatibility vary): Type: note
163.154: m112.942: 1998-2001: ml320
163.172: m113.942: 1999-2001: ml430
163.174: m113.981: 1999-2001: ml55 amg
163.a hundred seventy five: m113.965: 2002-2005: ml500

164.a hundred seventy five: m113.964: 2006-2007: ml500

170.465: m112.947: 2001-2001: slk320

202.029: m112.920: 1998-2000: c280
202.033: m113.944: 1998-2000: c43 amg

203.076: m113.988: 2005-2006: c55 amg

208.365: m112.940: 1998-2002: clk320
208.370: m113.943: 1999-2000: clk430
208.374: m113.984: 2001-2002: clk55 amg
208.470: m113.943: 2000-2003: clk430 conv
208.474: m113.984: 2002-2002: clk55 amg conv

209.376: m113.987: 2003-2005: clk55 amg
209.476: m113.987: 2004-2006: clk55 conv

210.half: m112.941: 1998-2002: e320 sedan: through eng# 033140
210.074: m113.980: 1999-2002: e55 amg
210.082: m112.941: 1998-2001: e320 sedan 4m: through eng# 033140
210.265: m112.941: 1998-2002: e320 wagon: through eng# 033140
210.282: m112.941: 1998-2002: e320 wagon 4m: through eng# 033140

215.373: m113.986: 2002-2003: cl55 amg

220.173: m113.986: 2001-2002: s55 amg

251.a hundred seventy five: m113.971: 2006-2007: r500

463.249: m113.962: 2002-2008: g500
Water Pump for cars WITH oil cooler.
Lately made via GRAF, now not been mendacity round.
NOTE: This Pump has an extra outlet and is most effective to be used on cars provided WITH engine oil cooler fixed subsequent to the oil clear out housing.
Mercedes phase# 112 200 14 01 88, take a look at have compatibility underneath.
Please evaluate your engine serial quantity the place referred to underneath.


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