Magnetic Tow Light

Easy Installation. No Tools Required
Safe, Reliable, Reusable
Replacable 12V 32/3CP Bulb. Black Metal Housing

Three Lighting in One!

*Brake Mild
*Signal Mild

The Red lines within the 3rd picture above, constitute the duration of the cable. The gap from the Lighting to the connectors is ready 23 ft. The gap between each Lighting is ready five’eleven”.

Place Lighting in a visual Location at the rear of the towed vehicle. Run the cable to the towing vehicle. Position and protected cable. Connect the alligator clip to the towing vehicle (ground), the bumper or different base metal grounded to border. Connect remaining wires in keeping with colour code

*Brown – Taillights (Hook up with either left or right taillight connector of the towing vehicle

*Yellow – Left flip and prevent
*Inexperienced – Right flip and prevent
*White – Chassis ground
Simple Installation. No Gear Required
Protected, Dependable, Reusable
Replacable 12V 32/3CP Bulb. Black Metal Housing
Magnetic Tow-A-Lites are stressed out with same old rental electric bullet ends.
Water-proof For All Weather


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