iRecovery Cell Phone Drying Kit

Must have around the house to dry or protect wet devices
Bag measures: 8-inch by 5-inch
Contains non-toxic drying granulars that will suck the moisture out of your device

Dry out your electronic tool with irecovery mobile phone drying kit.kit comes able to make use of. Simply open best of bag, place tool in bag and zip seal the bag close. Then Simply leave it within the bag for roughly 72 hours to dry. The bag and it is highly absorbent subject matter will draw the moisture out of the electronic tool. Full directions indexed on back of bag. We don’t ensure a a success recovery of all moisture broken gadgets. Bag Accommodates silica gel that’s non-poisonous.
Should have around the home to dry or offer protection to wet gadgets
Bag measures: 8-inch through five-inch
Accommodates non-poisonous drying granulars with a purpose to suck the moisture out of your tool
Get rid of moisture out of your small electronic gadgets
Irecovery mobile phone, electronic tool, recovery kit


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