Hygienic Aire- 2 Pack 16 Oz. Jars Lemon Scent

Tea Tree Oil Natural Anti-Bacterial Agent
Natural Anti-Fungal
Fights and Prevents Mold and Mildew

The innovative and natural way to keep indoor air clean, fresh, and freed from pollutants. Must we bring fresh air in? What pollutants and contaminants are in that out of doors air that we are bringing in? It is filled with a wide variety of things: Allergens, smoke, automobile exhaust, industrial waste and byproducts, and so on.
Along with this, the energy required to move that air continually is enormous! To not mention the added heating and air conditioning costs incurred! Finally, the outside air that may be brought in now must be either cooled or heated, as the case could also be, to ensure that it to be comfortable for the occupants of the building or home. With Hygienic Aire, these problems have a solution! As a substitute of continually exchanging the indoor air with the outside air, the Hygienic Aire philosophy is to take the existing indoor air and clean it up. Naturally. Simply place the jars of Hygienic Aire in strategic places of the house or place of business building and let it go to give you the results you want. Placing a small jar in a more confined area such as a laundry room or closet, freshens the air and kills the germs in that area continually. A larger size jar, placed within the furnace air return, will allow the a good option materials to be disbursed all over the building. And it doesn’t just make the air smell nice! The actual benefit is within the natural anti-microbial work that it does. After opening the jar, it is going to, on average, last 30 – 45 days on your furnace or air ducts. As it disperses all over the building, it has a tendency to be absorbed by the porous materials it comes in contact with, safely and without harming them.

As this happens, Hygienic Aire continues to do its work after the material within the jar has dissolved. On this way, it remains effective for every other 30 – 45 days more. That is an ordinary of 60 – 90 days of coverage! No common air freshener, spray, liquid, or solid can boast of such results!
Tea Tree Oil Natural Anti-Bacterial Agent
Natural Anti-Fungal
Fights and Prevents Mold and Mildew
Kills Airborne Germs in home, car, RV, gym locker, and so on.
Cleans and Freshens the Air Naturally















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