Husky 75203 Adjustable Locking Fifth Wheel Stabilizer

Maximum vertical load rating is 5000 pounds
Made of rust resistant steel
King pin height of 38 1/2 inch to 50 inch

Locking 5th wheel stabilizer options screw adjustment to offer fine adjusting of top and applied load for higher stabilization. The cup is lockable with the included locking, torque deal with to lend a hand save you robbery. Reduces aspect-to-aspect and fore-to-aft motion of your coach. Designed as stabilizers for fifth wheel trailers with a king pin top of 38-half of to 50 inches. Simple to make use of with a easy, however efficient, chain system that hyperlinks and locks tripod legs to the right kind top. Those stabilizers work along side your coach’s assisting jacks and aren’t supposed to enhance the whole weight of your coach. Their Most vertical load rating is 5000 pounds. Fabricated from rust resistant metal.
Most vertical load rating is 5000 pounds
Fabricated from rust resistant metal
King pin top of 38 half of inch to 50 inch