Hi-Lift HM-LK Hood Mount Locking Knob

Optional lock for Hi-Lift Jeep Wrangler Hood Mounts
Fits 3/8 inch bolt, 16 thread
Pair of keys included

Hello-Carry’s Hood Mount Locking Knob is made to be used with Hello-Carry’s Jeep Wrangler hood mounts, Fashions HM-800, HM-825 and HM-850. The locking knob replaces an present knob and as soon as tightened may also be locked with equipped key. This helps to keep your Hello-Carry jack secure and safe.
Not obligatory lock for Hello-Carry Jeep Wrangler Hood Mounts
Suits three/eight inch bolt, 16 thread
Pair of keys incorporated
Simple to put in
Made in the us


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