H500 High purity Hydrogen gas generator H2: 0-500ml 110 or 220V

Main Technical Parameter:
(1) The purity of produced hydrogen: 99.999p.c
(2) The output waft: 0-500ml/min
(3) The output pressure:0~0.4MPa Secondary protection pressure : 0.5MP
(4) The most important power consumed:180w

(five) Operating modes: continuous working
(6)Output connector or port : 3mm or 1/8in (M8 × 1 external thread )
(7)Tank capacity: 1.5 liters
(8)Water consumption: 25ml / h

(nine)Water quality necessities: Resistivity ≥ 1MΩ/cm

(10)Power provide voltage: AC 230V (50/60 Hz) (If you wish to have the 100V-120v item, please kindly contact with us)

(11)Fuse: 250V/2A

(12) The scale of appearance:420×2 hundred×330 mm(L×W×H)
(thirteen) Weight:17kg

1、This prime purity hydrogen generator is a brand new kind product developed on the foundation of the technology of astronautic fuel cells.

2、The working principle of hydrogen generator is, hydrogen is produced by the electrolysis of water, and the produced oxygen is released to the ambience.

3、It’s made up of those systems such because the electrolyzing &separating pool, switch power, pressure controller, desiccation& purification and waft display.

4、The core a part of the instruments is electrolyzing &separating pool, by which the sure pole is of tube kind structure, the negative pole is of sheet metal form, and both the poles are fabricated from stainless-steel.

five、The electrolyzing &separating pools can store electrolyte, produce hydrogen in addition to free up hydrogen on the same time, and It’s the most productive replacement to sheet formed electrolyzing pools.


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