Grade 70 Heavy Machinery Cargo Transport & Equipment Towing Chain

Ideal for hauling or towing heavy machinery, equipment, and industrial cargo
Maximum 6,600 lb. Working Load / 19,800 lb. Break Strength
Great for binding loads and clearing debris, not designed for overhead lifting

Heavy equipment shipment delivery and gear towing chain with a Most 6,600 lb. Running load / 19,800 lb. breaking Energy. Each and every top-check chain is perfect for transferring heavy apparatus, binding heavy quite a bit, towing particles, and isn’t designed for overhead lifting. Made with grade 70 Metal development with a zinc-covered end for lengthy lasting sturdiness.
Perfect for hauling or towing heavy equipment, apparatus, and business shipment
Most 6,600 lb. Running Load / 19,800 lb. Holiday Energy
Nice for binding quite a bit and clearing particles, now not designed for overhead lifting
Heavy responsibility Grade 70 Metal development
Zinc-covered end for lengthy lasting sturdiness