FrogWash 25X EnviroGentle Concentrated All Purpose Cleaner – 32oz with 16oz Spray Bottle

Food Safe, Child Safe, Pet Safe, Septic Safe
Scent and dye free
Hypoallergenic and Environmentally friendly

FrogWashTM is a uniquely effective, non-toxic, all-purpose cleaning solution designed to interchange almost each and every other cleaning product you currently use. The FrogWashTM proprietary formula works smarter as a substitute of more difficult by breaking the ionic bonds that holds oils and contaminants to the skin. Such a lot other cleaners use harsh chemicals to ‘blast’ the stains into pieces while our non-toxic FrogWashTM formula targets and frees the offender from its adhesive hold and releases it from just about any surface or fabric – leaving surfaces totally and safely wiped clean. Circle of relatives-Protected FrogWashTM is non-toxic, biodegradable, and hypoallergenic with out a added scents or coloring agents. Made out of 4 widely known ingredients (sodium carbonate, sodium citrate, alcohol ethoxylate and xanthan gum), it may be safely used around kids, pets, or even food preparation areas and has no adverse affects on septic systems. Where to make use of: Use indoors on plastic, ceramic, tile, glass, picket, stainless-steel, faucet and shower fixtures, carbon fiber, fiberglass, hardwood floors, fabric (including carpet & cloth diapers), leather, vinyl, walls, front and most sensible load laundry equipment and dishwashers. Also eliminates marker, crayon, fingerprints, grease, moss, mold, mildew, and light-weight rust. Works great on fabric to take away biological stains because of food, blood, pets, grass, or even ink. Robust cleaner for vehicles, boats and RV’s. Use outdoors on all decks, bricks, cement, siding, canopies, rubber and far, much, more.
Food Protected, Child Protected, Pet Protected, Septic Protected
Scent and dye free
Hypoallergenic and Environmentally friendly
Save Money with commercial strength concentrated formula – dilute for quite a lot of jobs
OHSA (USA) / WHMIS (Canada) Compliant – accommodates no hazardous chemicals












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