Firman Generators ECO1500 Gas Generator

Run time: 10 hours (1/2 load)
AC maximum watts: 1500, running watts: 1200
Fuel tank: 1.5 gallon, oil capacity: 13 ounces

ECO1500 options: -run time: 10 hours (half of load). -AC most: 1500, operating: 1200 -Gas tank: 1.5 gallon. -Beginning machine: draw back. End: -black. MAXIMUM wattage: -1500W. Dimensions: -body diameter: 0.seventy five”. general top – most sensible to backside: -14″. general width – facet to facet: -19″. general intensity – entrance to again: -sixteen”. general product weight: -fifty six lbs.
Run time: 10 hours (half of load)
AC most watts: 1500, operating watts: 1200
Gas tank: 1.5 gallon, oil capability: 13 oz.
Beginning machine: draw back
2 12 months restricted Guaranty