Fan – Tastic Vent® Model 803350, POLAR

Three Fan Blade Speeds
Fits Standard 14″ x 14″ Opening
Power Lift Dome

Exchanges stale air for a blank, recent – smelling RV! Whether or not you are cookin’ up a hurricane or are at the road, these Fan-Tastic Vents stay the air to your RV odor-free! Vent has an impressive 12″, 10-blade rotary fan that works with open doors and home windows to create efficient air Go with the flow. Pushes hot, stuffy air out and pulls in cool air to stay you at ease. Every fan is compact, sturdy and has a replaceable display to fasten out little bugs. Installs in mins and fits the prevailing opening equipped through such a lot RV manufacturers. Manipulate Vent settings with ease! State Colour. Order yours nowadays! Fan – Tastic Vent Style 803350
Three Fan Blade Speeds
Fits Same old 14″ x 14″ Opening
Energy Carry Dome
Rain Sensor Robotically Closes Dome Whilst Wet
Reversible Air Go with the flow