Enclosed Soft Start, 40 HP, Type 3R, 230 V

Enclosed Comfortable Get started, Variable and Constant Torue, 40 HP @ 3 Section – 230V, Output Present 104, Input Voltage 230, Output Voltage 230, 3 Section, Frequency 60Hz, Ramp Time 1-60 sec, Get started Kind Torque ramp, Present restrict, Booster Get started-up pulse, Prevent Time Freewheel, Torque decel, Enclosure Rating Kind 3R, Inputs/Outputs 3, Application Pumps/Lovers/Converyors/Compressors, Protects Circuit Breaker, Peak 47.763, Width 12.794, Depth 14.282, Beginning Torque Adjustable, Communication Port Modbus Enclosed Comfortable StartersReduce mechanical stress on each motors and gadget parts to lend a hand lengthen gadget efficiency lifestyles. Standalone enclosures characteristic built-in controls and bypass serve as, and come with thermal-magnetic circuit breaker disconnect, pilot units, keep an eye on logic, and signal relaying. Use for reduced-voltage Beginning and Comfortable stopping for usual squirrel cage motors. Modbus port permits remote configuration, communication, and diagnostics.UL 508 Indexed. Agree to acceptable NEMA, ICS, NFPA, and IEC standards.Variable or constant torque applications 7-phase LED show


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