Elite Premium RV Cover fits RVs from 33′ to 37′

Our Elite Premium RV Covers are fabricated from a UV treated, 4-layer non-woven fabric. The highest is water resistant and can stay out rain and snow whilst a distinct venting system within is helping water vapor and condensation evaporate. It’ll offer protection to an RV against rain, snow, UV rays, dirt, nicks and scratches. The integrated air vent system, combined with the 4-layer best and robust single layer sides will cut back wind stress and vent within moisture. Another great feature is the zippered aspect panels so they can allow get admission to to the RV doors and engine spaces. Adjustable front and rear tension panels combined with elasticized corner hems will lend a hand supply a really perfect custom are compatible. There’s a FREE storage bag included and an Improbable 3 Year Warranty. Maximum height is 122″ measured from the bottom to the roof, except for AC units. The full length includes the bumpers and ladder but now not the hitch. Recommended Retail Value: $259.99 and up.





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