Ebac K100P 97 Pint Commercial Dehumidifier

Comes complete with a washable air filter
Features an integral high capacity water pump
Includes a rugged, detachable mounting skid

The Ebac K100P 97 pint commercial dehumidifier is particularly designed to do away with top humidity issues in harsh environments. It really works nice in warehouses, storages rooms, electric and communications switching stations, locker rooms, basements, pumping stations, offshore oil rigs and active and laid-up marine vessels. The K100P commercial dehumidifier suits plenty of applications because it may be simply moved from website online to website online or may also be permanently fixed and ducted. Rugged Construction The Ebac K100P 97 pint commercial dehumidifier includes a rugged epoxy-coated, steel chassis for sturdiness. Vibration and Mobility Protection The K100P commercial dehumidifier Features a “floating” compressor that gives vibration and mobility protection. Adjustable Humidistat This dehumidifier makes it simple to keep an eye on the extent of dryness desired with an adjustable humidistat. “Reverse Cycle” Defrosting System This dehumidifier comes complete with a singular “reverse cycle” defrosting system that permits effective operation in low ambient temperatures. Same old Power Necessities The K100P Options Same old 110V power Necessities that enable operation in any location.
Comes complete with a washable air filter out
Options an integral top capacity water pump
Features a rugged, detachable mounting skid
Options reverse cycle defrosting that permits it to serve as smoothly in temperatures right down to 33 degrees F with out frost build-up
Effectively gets rid of more than 90 points of airborne water vapor per day


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