Ebac DD700-220V 220V 3 Phase 231 PPD Dehumidifier

Built with stainless steel to ensure high durability and easy maintenance
Manual and automatic modes
Ammeter is included for convenience

Ebac DD700-220V 220V 3 Section 231 PPD Dehumidifier supplies flexible and robust moisture reduction technology. Quality PerformanceQuality performance ensures the very best level of dehumidification to be had from a single unit slightly than a fleet of complicated and no more robust dehumidifiers. Highest for Cold Proceeding to perform from low- to neatly beneath sub-zero temperatures, this unit eliminates moisture with out the usage of refrigeration and compression technology. Repairs Made Simple Comprised of stainless-steel materials, this unit is simple to take care of and Simple to perform making sure the fastest and least concerned approach of operation. Dehumidifies Desiccant-styleUtilizing absorbent materials with which moisture is drawn out of the air, this unit is versatile and constant functionality with out compromising performance.
Built with stainless-steel to make sure prime durability and Simple Repairs
Manual and automated modes
Ammeter is included for convenience
Low-temperature compatible
Continues to perform in sub-zero temperatures


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